IKIN was founded in 1987, Nationally Awarded Course Excellence from the Ministry of Education and Culture in 1990, starting from computer courses institution, IKIN constantly evolving to adapt the rapid changes in technology. Nowadays, IKIN focusing its market on BPM and technology automation, and considered to be one of the best players on market.

IKIN aims to become an active key contributor of Information Technology to Corporate Organizations, in realizing business advanced by increasing their effectiveness. 

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In today’s fast moving business world, organizations are looking for ways to achieve business advantage. Information Technology can help deliver better decisions, faster responses, improved communications, and smarter investments. However, it also poses new challenges-integration, software development, architecture and design, network management, and usability. Others are management issues, such as training, service and support, outsourcing, and software licensing.

IKIN as an IT solution provider addresses the organization’s information technology needs and challenges with a range of products, technologies, services, and partnership for business computing.

IKIN bases its approach on the concept of business processes, workflows and technology automation. Beyond simple Client/Server Technology, built on an unified Enterprise architecture and supporting universal framework, these approach can deliver effective, efficient and reliable solution for IT challenges. To assure that we deliver high quality, comprehensive services to our customer, some employees who have International Certified support us